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Peace Family,

Our response to the Covid-19 national emergency is focused on mitigating the effects this will have on our families in these three major areas:

  1. Food insecurity
  2. Academic support
  3. Lost wages and emergency assistance.

If you are inclined to help, donations made through the PayPal link below will go to help assist our families with food insecurity, continued academic support during the school shut down and, perhaps most importantly, to aid those families facing lost wages due to childcare and other factors to avoid possible eviction or utility shutoff with emergency funds provided through our case management.


Update on Summer Youth Services 2020

Due to Michigan school closures and the uncertainty that lies ahead with COVID-19, Peace Neighborhood is re-evaluating what youth services will be offered this summer. It is unlikely that we will run our typical 6-week camp.

As we decide what youth programs will look like this summer, Peace Neighborhood’s priorities will be: (1) ensuring safety for youth, families, and staff and (2) providing academic support for youth. We will provide updates about summer programs through email and text. Click the link below for more information and to download an application.


Children, Families, and Individuals

affected by social and economic problems

UPDATE – 5-15-20

We want to keep you updated as to what is happening here at Peace Neighborhood Center. While it is almost cliche to say “these are unprecedented times” at this point, the fact remains true.  Thank you all for your continued support!
Beginning the week of May 4th, Peace Neighborhood Center Youth Services launched back into full-time support of our youth four days per week.  This has included multiple video conferences and other communication methods with our young people.  40 young people in our College and Career Prep program are in regular contact as we continue to prepare them for future success. At the middle school level, all 45 participants in the Alternatives for Youth program have been in contact with Peace staff members in some capacity.  30 young people are touching base regularly via text and email and setting up tutoring sessions as needed with homework assignments.  15 young people are regularly connecting with staff on Google Meets working on specific assignments.  Some sessions are being conducted as group meetings along with some one-on-ones with students requiring special attention according to their individual education plan. 
Staff members are also conducting activities with youth at our satellite centers at West Arbor and Maple Meadows.  Online tutoring activities are going well at West Arbor.  In-person tutoring utilizing safe practices and social distancing will begin at Maple Meadows the week of May 18th.  We are hopeful to do more of this as restrictions are relaxed moving forward.
On Friday, May 15th, volunteers from Washtenaw County My Brother’s Keeper and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department were on-site at Peace Neighborhood Center distributing household items and paper products to an estimated 200 families. What a blessing!  Of course, Peace Neighborhood Center continues to assist our families with food programs, as well. The first is our longstanding Friday Food Distribution program of fresh breads and produce in partnership with Food Gatherers available every Friday morning from 9am- 12pm. The second is our meal distribution program for families who normally receive free or reduced lunch in partnership with Ann Arbor Public Schools, Chartwell’s Food Service and Durham Transportation available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12pm – 1:15 pm.
As we continue to navigate uncharted waters, Peace Neighborhood Center continues to help the families we serve in evolving ways thanks to your support.  Thank you for your dedicated partnership, Peace Family! 


Bonnie Billups, Jr.
Executive Director

Delivering to Baker Commons Housing Complex. Items donated by Treasuring Christ Church! Paper Towels, Mask, Toliet Paper, and other items! ❤ ... See MoreSee Less

Delivering to Baker Commons Housing Complex. Items donated by Treasuring Christ Church! Paper Towels, Mask, Toliet Paper,  and other items! ❤

Please check out a special video message from Peace Neighborhood Center's Executive Director Bonnie Billups, Jr. about our upcoming Summer Youth Services 2020.

This coming summer finds us facing needs in our community of a scope and scale we haven't seen before. Peace Neighborhood Center's Summer Youth Services will meet those needs, just as we meet needs every summer. While that will not involve 145 daily youth and staff cramming into vans and school buses three to a seat this year, our team is diligently working on plans to continue to meet needs while keeping the safety of our youth, staff and volunteers in mind.

Right now, a wealth of services designed to address the academic, social, emotional and recreational needs of our youth are being planned out along with heading off the issue of food insecurity in the home. These ideas will allow our youth to explore, expand and grow in multiple smaller groups across different locations including our main center, satellite centers and a few other places on Ann Arbor's Westside.

Already, Peace's essential in-person tutoring services have begun once again along with all we have been doing online using Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime and other platforms. Of course, we have been on the front lines throughout this present crisis making sure our families continue to have the food they need through several programs. As we look ahead to this summer, that need will not go away. Youth Services 2020 How will our programs adapt? As they always have: by meeting needs where they exist. To donate, please visit: peaceneighbo...
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Video image

In-person tutoring for our youth is essential and we have slowly begun to ease it back into our program day in small targeted groups. We look forward to doing more as soon as we can. ... See MoreSee Less

In-person tutoring for our youth is essential and we have slowly begun to ease it back into our program day in small targeted groups.  We look forward to doing more as soon as we can.

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Due to the virus most places will not take bottle returns and they are piling up in our garages. I remember once that the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts picked them up and did the returning and kept the money for the organizations. Thought maybe something like this would work for you once they start taking bottles again.

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The Peace Center is like a home away from home. It really is special, both in the summer and during after school programs. This place feels like it is our roots. Even as you grow, you still are with your roots.

Lauren Comer



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