Grocery Rewards

Grocery Rewards Program

Peace Neighborhood Center is generously supported by local area grocery stores through their community rewards programs. Register or sign-up for the programs with the information below. Whenever you shop at Ann Arbor Whole Foods, Kroger, Busch’s, or Plum Market locations  you can support Peace!

Kroger Plus Card Community Rewards Program

You can also shop for Peace using your Kroger Plus Card at any Kroger in Michigan. Click here to sign-up today!

Click here for printable instructions on how to sign your Rewards card up to support Peace.

Busch’s MyWay Program

The Busch’s MyWay Program allows you to support Peace without spending anything more than you normally would!

In order to participate, you need to:

1. Sign into your MyWay account at and verify your organization selections.

2. Organizations have been pre-populated based on your current selections and activity.

3. You must include a valid email and opt-in to receive emails to participate in this program. You can check this under My Account > Account Overview when logged into MyWay.

4. Busch’s will use this email to communicate any updates or changes to the Cash for Education Program. Email is also a great way to receive information regarding weekly specials, offers and Busch’s coupons, which are sent exclusively to MyWay members.

5. Select up to four organizations (including Peace) that you would like to support for each quarter using the drop down menu. Purchases will be allocated equally between your chosen organizations.

6. You may change your organizations at any time, but only those selected at the end of each quarter will receive credit.

7. Participants will be required to re-enroll on an annual basis.

Whole Foods and Plum Market Gift Cards

In addition to these grocery stores, Whole Foods and Plum Market both offer gift cards through our Scrip Card program gift. Both stores donate a percentage of the value of these cards to Peace Neighborhood Center. You can purchase Whole Foods and Plum Market cards through our Scrip Card Order Form. Once you’ve placed your order, you will be contacted by Pat Bantle by email with the specific details of when to pick up your card.