Peace House Transitional Housing Center

Program Dates: Year Round
Hours: N/A
Age Group: All Ages

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The families that Peace Neighborhood Center serves suffer from a variety of social and economic hardships that hamper their ability to be self-sustaining. The most crucial of these factors is that of homelessness. Without a stable home, it is nearly impossible to provide the sufficient infrastructure necessary to raise a family in the traditional sense.

Our clients often lack the means to provide this for themselves and are forced to seek alternative methods of living. This often leads to the separation of the family as children are sent to stay with various friends and relatives while the adults attempt to get their financial situation in order. While this may make sense in the short-term, the long-term effects of family separation, both on the mental well-being of the parent and the effective upbringing of the child has been well documented.

In order to provide effective services to families, Peace Neighborhood Center must first address the primary needs of its clients. To this end, Peace opened the Peace House Transitional Housing Center in 2009 to provide temporary shelter to families in need.  Peace House allows Peace Neighborhood Center to effectively offer its already existing services in a more direct fashion while providing services in other areas and long term solutions for family stability and self-sufficiency.

Story of Success
Len and his family of five had fallen on hard times. His consultant business had dried up. The bills were piled high. The IRS demanded payment and soon the family home was gone. Proud and having been taught not to ask for help, Len pushed on and took his family through several tumultous years sharing a small hotel room. Finally, with all other options seemingly exhausted, Len knew it was time to swallow his pride and seek assistance. His daughter kept telling him about Bonnie and Peace Neighborhood Center. Len finally made a call, and shortly thereafter, he and his family took their first steps toward a new beginning as residents of the Peace House Transitional Housing Center.

Working with Bonnie weekly on their 6 month action plan and budget, Len’s family has enjoyed privacy and peace of mind for the first time in years. In addition to housing, Peace has helped them with gas for their vehicles, food for their table and put them in contact with the U of M Law School who are now helping with their IRS tax issues. Almost done with their first 6 month action plan, Len’s family hopes to be able to find permanent housing over the course of the next 6 month plan. Most importantly, the family has managed to stay together and form even stronger bonds despite their difficult circumstances. Len credits Peace with this. “I don’t know where we’d be without Peace,” he said. “Throughout, we were always alone. We’re not alone anymore.”