College And Career Prep Club

Dates: September – June
Hours: Various
Age Group: 9th Grade – Post Secondary

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The College and Career Prep Club (CCPC) is the final experience in our series of integrated youth programs that can help these at-risk young people move into successful adult lives. The CCPC encourages high school students to aspire to and prepare for college or career training, and we provide the practical support to help them succeed. Additionally, a huge focus of the program is to help and support parents during the application process. Many families do not have as much experience with the application process, peace helps educate them on expectations,time management, deadlines, and tools for their child’s success. Peace also provides transportation for college tours so that students make the best choice available to them. Peace gives students access to ACT/SAT prep materials, application analysis and review, and guidance on this next stage in their lives. Once they are enrolled in a higher-education or training program, we continue to provide support to make sure they succeed and begin careers after graduation. Peace also provides students with financial help for necessary items and living expenses such as books, food and other class supplies in addition to transportation aid to and from campus.